Napa Barn & Guesthouse
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Napa Barn & Guesthouse

An overseas company asked Paul Kelley Architect to carve out a little piece of the Napa Valley for visiting clients to enjoy. They chose a property that was already planted in vineyards and had a picturesque pond that was perfect for the setting of a new barn and guesthouse. Kelley sighted the buildings on opposite sides of the water. The guesthouse deck bridged out over the pond, while the barn design emulated a small winery. The project presented several challenges, including monitoring the water level to allow for drilling concrete piers and bridging the guesthouse out over the small body of water. Both structures had to be erected outside the vineyard-access area, so as not to interfere with growing and harvesting. With Kelley’s assistance, the barn and guesthouse were both finished in a rustic motif to blend into the surrounding landscape, as though they had always been part of the beautiful property.

photos by Frank Deras
  • January 7th, 2016
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